Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Something New--Update on Laptop Joys and Tribulations

Yesterday I stumbled on something wonderful called a Netbook. These are little computers have an OS that uses XP. Hooray! They don't cost as much as "regular" laptops and although they don't have a CD/DVD drive, I am thrilled. One can carry the Netbook in a purse, operate wireless if desired, or hook up to cable. And, an external CD/DVD drive can be purchased for installing programs and saving data.

Last night and today my brain has been on overload trying to figure out all the techie things one needs to know when setting up a new computer. I did order a plug in (external) CD/DVD burner and hopefully it will arrive in a couple of days. I am so enthusiastic about this little guy, I am tempted to go and get a few more...LOL! Now, I can go anywhere and do research, or type up a blog entry. The battery supposedly lasts for 8 hours...thud...sure hope this is true...wouldn't that be wonderful?


1. You need to have good eyes--the print is small.
2. Currently I am trying to figure out how to edit my photos. This is a dilemma. I can use Picasa, or download Photoshop CS4 as an upgrade. I haven't figured all this out yet, but will. Can't be without a photo editing program.

Took some quick snaps of wild dogwoods yesterday and although at first glance I am not thrilled with what I got, they will work as an experiment. Will be back soon to post the results...if they are worth posting.


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cw2smom said...

Yes..those little laptops are wonderful! I bought two of them at Christmas for my kids and they love them! They are exceptionally convienient for travel too! Enjoy your and may you have many productive hours on it as well! Blessings! Lisa