Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Orchard From A Different Point of View

Was watching the light again as the sun prepared to set. Here is a different angle of the orchard. Strange how the trees in the orchard appeared small the other day. Moving in closer, the trees take on a different perspective. The apple trees are pruned to keep them close to the ground, then short ladders can be used at harvest time.

Apple Orchard at Sunset
Photograph by Elisabeth Bacon 2009
All Rights Reserved


Eaglesbrother said...

very good photograph..and yes apple trees here are kept short (about 10-12 ft high)so pickers can move throught the orchard quicker by carrying a one piece ladder for picking.


nancy said...

I love looking at a field of trees. It almost feels like I'm there. Thanks for sharing. lovely.Nancy

Light and Voices said...

Wowza! I love this apple orchard shot.

DB said...

I love this picture. It reminds me of an apple orchard in central Maine I used to visit. DB