Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Notes On Negatives To Positives

Oh, how I love reading journals. For the most part, the authors are young. (I consider anyone under 60 young.) These well-intentioned self-examiners writhe and struggle with the complexities and intricacies of life and self. They devour self-help books and courses. They look high and low for something to fill some undefined inner void. Guess what folks... All one has to do is STOP the self-scrutiny, self-absorbtion and drama. Simply decide to give up the emotional roller coaster and the ongoing personal soap opera filled with crises. Could all of this be an addiction? A habit? A narcissistic longing using negatives to get attention? How about developing positive achievements instead? Want to be better? Focus on becoming a better writer, artist, dancer, etc. How about accepting the good in ourselves and accepting praise for that good?

Break the negative habits of low self-esteem and life gets a heck of a lot easier.

The truth is our self imposed agonies don't amount to a hill of beans. Artist's do not have be unhappy (or poor) to be artists. Artists just have to be good artists. Becoming good at what we do takes patience, determination and energy. Replace negative habits with positives and discover how living is worthwhile, joyous and special. There is no void--no emptiness--and little struggle. We become aware of our gifts and begin to share.

Afterthoughts: To minimize one's talent under the guise of humility to me is disgusting, as is boasting of a talent one doesn't have. There is a balance. When you know your "craft," you know you know. No one needs to pat you on the back. You know how far you have come. The reward for learning on the the creative journey is to claim your title.

Reality Is. You are what you are [an artist] and you are what you are becoming.

An artist is only as good as the ideas he is able to tap into and develop.


Rebecca Anne said...

I have to admit the voice of ouch because obviously I can see myself in some of your words.
Here's one thing....I write...but I won't refer to myself as a writer. It seems to me every Tom, Dick and Harry calls themselves a 'writer' these days (especially in the blog world) , so for me, I'm not claiming it until by gawd, I've earned it. The earn part will be defined by either a paycheck, a publication, or an award.
Is that silly? Is that denying a piece of me? Perhaps, but I feel a bit stubborn about it.

Rebecca Anne said...

Or maybe I should have said. The day I personally claim myself, title and air, that I'm a writer, I want it to mean something very special and important......make sense?

Light and Voices said...

Here is my thought on being a writer or artist or musician or designer. Visualize that part of yourself that you desire to become. Wear the clothes. Read books on the subject. Become a member of organizations or clubs. Attend seminars. Have work displayed in art shows, writing contests, whatever. Do business cards and stationary. Claim a spot in your home to show up and do the work! Meditate. Exercise. Get enough sleep. $$$$ should not be the reason. Passion is the key. When you feel "I can't live unless I do this---" that is when you can claim being a writer, an artist, a musican or a designer or whatever it is that you want to be. Dollars will follow the bliss. Rebecca, you are a writer an excellent one! Name it! Claim it!