Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saturday's Soapbox Soundoff

Time to sound off. The topic is: LATENESS

What would you do with someone who is late all the time? Now, I don't mean a few minutes late...I mean up to 2 hours late. In my opinion, this is an insult--a slap in the face--disrespectful and discounting. What that person is saying is: "I would rather be doing something else, than be with you. You are not important to me."

Also, they may be extremely disorganized. If that disorganized, then perhaps it is time to get their act together and Plan Ahead. is the bottom line: If you don't care enough to be on time, you may lose what could be, or have been, a valuable friendship.



Eaglesbrother said...

I agree with you 100%
I hate to be kept waiting and get very irritated when someone is late for an appointment with me.

As you know..when I make an appointment...I am always early.


Rich said...

I'd much rather be 10 minutes early then 2 minutes late... I agree with you 100%...

Light and Voices said...

I am always arrive early. I agree with everything you said.

Light and Voices said...

Your soapbox cartoons are fantastic! How you come up with all these ideas to do I have no clue. And then you do them. YEA! You go girl!