Friday, November 14, 2008

Fascinating Fog

Photograph by Elisabeth Bacon 2008

All Rights Reserved

Looking out the living room window this morning, fog enveloped the young willow. Fog fades fast. With photography, it is now or never. Don't take the shot and poof it is gone.

* * * * * * * *

Yesterday was estate sale day. We went to a lovely retirement community similar to the community where Dad lives. Outside apartment doors a variety of artwork was hung on the walls sharing the occupant's preferences. There were posters of doors, photographs of rushing streams, kitty cats and autumn wreaths. Several exhibits included paintings. Traveling those halls was fun and illuminating.

We came home with two oriental throw rugs, a jade necklace and one small, blue and white ginger jar inscribed with symbols for "wedded bliss." Found several packets of nature cards distributed by Coca Cola and Arm and Hammer during the 1920s and 30s which may be useful in scrapbooking, although I will have to research copyright restrictions. Louis Agassiz Fuertes (1874 – 1927), an American ornithologist, was one of the artists. Last night was research night.

The desire to do more collages and still life setups is back. Found my grandfather's slant-top, slate portable desk. Inside there are wooden penmanship and drawing strips. The art of penmanship is diminishing and I find that sad. One of the first things I was told to do as an artist was to practice writing my name--to create a distinctive signature. No block letter distinctive. Now, that sounds easy, but it isn't. Try it sometime...develop a distinctive signature to use on your work.
Suggestion: Play with writing your name or initials in a distinctive way.

* * * * * * * *

Today: Follow up on guidance from the Muse and do a setup or two and perhaps start planning genealogical collages.

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cw2smom said...

Good Morning! You captured an incredible image this morning! Perfection! Many people don't see the wonder in fog shrouded trees, but they are a favorite subject of mine to photograph. In fact, recently I had a foggy morning/trees photo selected to be published and it was very exciting! Your blog is wonderful and I enjoy what you share, every time! Blessings, Lisa