Saturday, November 22, 2008

Two More Journal Pages

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Supplies are important. Back when I was studying with Jack Flynn (a watercolorist), he stressed the importance of supplies. If your paper and/or paints are inferior the results will most likely poor as well. That advice stayed with me.

As a photographer, "good glass" is primary. A good lens will last a lifetime if treated well.

The pen I bought back in the 70s still feels good in my hand. The Hasselblad I saved for and finally got during the 1990s changed my life. Having good equipment makes a person work harder to live up to the equipment's standards.

Of course, when starting out, I was thrilled to be taking pictures. However, as you progress keep in mind...garbage in, garbage out and think twice about what supplies and equipment you want to invest in to enhance your talent.

Getting the best you can afford is worth the wait.

P.S. Also, remember...a good photograph is the result of the person holding the camera.


Judith HeartSong said...

Great post! I love the jouranl page and agree that our materials are the lifeline to our creative process.

Have a great weekend:)

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

I see you found a the medium between sloppy journal page and B's journal looks wonderful and tells a story!

I agree with you completely, bad, or cheap materials makes a process so much harder.

And pens. How I love pens. For me, pens and paper are an art altogether. I collect both, seeking the perfect match between them. Some pens hate Verge paper, while the same pen loves Almalfi me, pens and paper are very fickle and I, as the writer, must find matches~

cw2smom said...

LOVED this! I am still searching for the perfect pen, but the thrill of the hunt is what's fun! Must try some of the papers listed in the below comment! Blessings! Lisa