Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where Are My Crayons?

Looking at yesterday's creation, FROST FRAKTUR, I want to grab my crayons, pens, ink and watercolors. Such fun it could be tinting it with a variety of hues and techniques. The older I get the more I revert to childhood pleasures. I long for a coloring book filled with detailed images. Perhaps I will make one. We have an old encyclopedia filled with etchings and drawings done in the early 1900s and I find these treasures tempting. They are calling out to me to do something with them. A coloring book in the making?

Sometimes I get the urge to draw and paint again too. Well? Hmmmm... Winter is just around the corner. Hooray, time to play.

Oh, just noticed something...Do any of you see the eye (person) looking out from behind the frost? That's a pleasant surprise. Actually, there are several eyes (and other things) hiding in there.


Light and Voices said...

It is such fun to look for hidden eyes and cats and faces in your work. You are quite the artist!

Sage Ravenwood said...

Eerie, hadn't noticed the eye before, or the birds. What a delight. I keep telling Paul, I'm living my second childhood. I would rather romp in the woods with Pickles, than do the laundry. Life is much too short not to enjoy it! (Hugs)Indigo