Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Living Room Sunset and Other Observations

I redid last night's experiment to show sunset and reflected light as seen through living room windows.

Photographs by Elisabeth Bacon 2008
All Rights Reserved

* * * *
Last night after viewing several Art Journal demonstrations, I realized what bothers me about this new journal "art." One of the demonstrators said, "You have to be sloppy," and that sums things up pretty well. I do understand the need for folks to play, to experiment with techniques and to release emotions through art. liberating as all this "artistic" venting may be, high-quality work may not be the result. No matter how many times one says, "my work is good" doesn't make it so. Sorry about that fellow journalists. There is nothing wrong with having fun and enjoying the process. I say: Go for it...and while you're at it, how about taking an art course, or two...or even three? Knowing the rules is important...then how one uses that knowledge is limitless. Knowledge truly is the door to freedom.
* * * *
Alternate "Art" Journal Titles: My Journal, Thoughts and Feelings, Rantings, Letting Go, Day by Day, My Emotional Self, All About Me, Playtime, Love, etc.


Eaglesbrother said...

Elisabeth..I agree wholeheartedly..
there is nothing wrong at all in striving for "Perfection" as it make us grow in knowlege of Art and it's techniques.


Light and Voices said...

Synchronicity of looking through windows is amazing! Agreed art classes are important to gain "perfection" in photography.

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

Where did the sloppy journal entry go?

I call that a tease.

Thats ok, I'll minimize your journal page like I tend to and listen to Back while I suft the Internet tides.......


~Rebecca Anne~ said...

whoa....typing crash....

"listen to Bach while I surf"