Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Snow flurries! We hardly ever get snow here. When we do, it lasts for a day and that's it. This year may be a different story. I swear the Universe knows how much I want to go back to Pennsylvania for a visit. Oh well, the trip can be made in the Spring.

Lately I have been reading some schizophrenic-like art journal books...just kidding (sort of). Yet...some of the work I am seeing called 'art' has me puzzled. Am I missing something? Today I may throw some similar journal pages together. Letting go for the heck of it can be lots of fun. One idea gleaned from this reading binge is: create more original digital brushes. Am warming up the scanner.

Also, I must bring home my old IBM computer to burn a CD of contest entries. The laptops have decided not to cooperate...don't you love it when these things happen? Often I consider these roadblocks "mystical" and heed their warnings, but not this time. I have wanted to enter this contest for two years and put it off until now...Now is the time...the images are ready to go and go they will.

Today: Research Photoshop brushes and PLAY...HAVE SOME FUN WITH IMAGES and TYPE.
Remember: Be Good, Do Good and then Strive to Be Better!

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~Rebecca Anne~ said...

Enjoy the snow and the quiet it inspires.
I have a few art journals that I go a bit crazy in myself. I have seen the art journal books and they are a great sourse of inspiration. Plus, have you gone on youtube and watched videos of peoples art journals? Very interesting to watch.