Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Drawing with Graphitint Pencils

Finally found time to do a quick sketch in journal this afternoon. It felt good to have pencil in hand. Returning to this medium is joyful and refreshing. I look forward to more drawing and experimenting with these tinted graphite pencils. Water can be added to create a watercolor effect. After completing a detailed drawing, I am not sure about adding water to create washes. That is scary. A drawing could be ruined with one swish.

Small Jug with Vegetables
By Elisabeth Bacon 2009
Graphite Rendering on Lined Paper


Eaglesbrother said...

good job !!!
Love the drawing and know you will be doing more and having fun drawing again.


Light and Voices said...

Elisabeth, I can tell that you enjoyed playing with those graphitint pencils. You are so gifted.