Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Major Resolution--Don't Bite

Like fish eyeing a hook, we may be faced with barbed comments. Don't bite. When someone tries to make you jealous, angry, or feel bad about yourself; don't bite. When faced with negativity, complaints and put downs; don't bite. Some folks have to put down others to falsely feel good about themselves. Don't bite. Their insecurities, bad habits and insatiable needs are theirs; not yours...Don't bite.

Emotional parasites need energy--any energy. When dealing with negatives, walk away. Say, "Pffffffffffffftttttt!," or "Stop it," then dive into something positive. You can do something else. What would you rather be doing? Do it. If necessary, leave (go for a walk; skip; do; clean out a drawer/a closet; do the dishes; play music; read a book; write a book, story, poem; paint; draw; pet the cat; watch a movie; dance; sing; meditate; sew; do needlepoint, knit, or cross stitch; take a bath).

Remember: What one focuses on expands. someone once told me, "Don't feed the weeds." There is power in silence. Affirm the positive. Associate with positive people. Every day is a new day filled with possibilities for growth. In life and art, we learn through observation and practice.

For this year: Work on Positivity, Praise and Activity


Eaglesbrother said...

I don't know what brought on these thoughts...but you do have good advice and I agree...keep up the good work.


Judith HeartSong said...

so true.... what a good post to begin 2009.

"Emotional parasites need energy--any energy..... There is power in silence."

So true.