Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today I feel the need to express my gratitude and appreciation in memory of an artist who died yesterday in Chadd's Ford, Pennsylvania.

My next door neighbor in Illinois introduced me to the work of Andrew Wyeth after he painted "Christina's World." The starkness and depth of his watercolors and egg temperas jolted me into the deep dimensions of watercolor, painting and drawing. His dry brush technique was astounding. I purchased every book on Wyeth I could get my hands on and studied his paintings endlessly. I wanted to draw and paint like that. His paintings began to change my life.

Years later I moved to Pennsylvania where my ancestors had lived, worked, loved and died; where life can be harsh and the stark terrain is speckled with farms, old stone buildings and meeting houses. Winter was white, with sepia and umber tones. Spring created landscape quilts in many colors. Who would not be moved to capture such sights? There I painted and honed photography skills. In Pennsylvania, I was at home--in the land of ancestors, family and friends.

While living in Chester County, Pennsylvania, I visited the Brandywine Museum often and had breakfast at Hank's Place. Andrew Wyeth would occasionally show up.

Now I look back and am most grateful. Pennsylvania will always be considered home and Andrew Wyeth's works will forever inspire.

Thank you Andrew Wyeth.


Light and Voices said...

In life and in death Andrew Wyeth will always inspire your work. Such a beautiful blog eulogy.

DB said...

I have several Wyeth books. He was able to find great depth in such simple strokes. He made it look easy. DB