Monday, January 19, 2009

Here Is What's Happening

Company's Coming and We Are Cleaning
Renaissance Dress Purchased for "Betty"
Thinking About and Planning Drawing

We are getting ready for company. Benefits of having visitors include: a neat, clean house. Another benefit is going through "stuff." Around here odd items are the norm. How many people have two mannequins sitting in their bedroom? Oh, by the way, yesterday I won the bid on a Renaissance dress for "Betty" and am looking forward to making her several headdresses to compliment her new outfit. Then, she can pose for a portrait.

May do drawing of a stone house window.

How weird...before I could finish writing this, it suddenly got published. What is that about? What a surprise! Yikes! Hope that doesn't continue happening.

1 comment:

Eaglesbrother said...

Just in case some of you do not know who "Betty" is....she is a full sized jointed wood manikin that sits on a rocking chair at the foot of the bed standing

Time for "Betty's" coming out party with her Special clothes. <>}}:-)