Saturday, January 3, 2009

Entering Creative Dimensions

What makes one photographer stand out? How does one create photographs easily recognizable as theirs alone...something uniquely different from what others are doing?

There are steps in this creative process. I am striving to define these steps and in defining them move into other dimensions of creativity. Words cannot adequately explain what happens. Creativity is experiential. The process is experiential. Transitions happen and lessons are learned through doing.

Steps in the Process
1. Know your equipment
2. Know your craft
3. Learn to see
4. Step outside yourself becoming one with your subject
5. Enter deeper creative, spiritual dimensions

Steps four and five are crucial. One can transcend what is seen and bring other dimensions into the work.

Through capturing these dimensions, an individuals creative work becomes unique and one's "style" is born. My challenge is finding the words to define this experiential process.

What I want to learn now is what comes next? I am certain there is breakthroughs and additional dimensions. This year my resolve is to explore these possibilities.

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