Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quick Snapshots of Old Artwork

LANCASTER COUNTY, PA -- by Elisabeth Bacon -- All Rights Reserved

PENNSYLVANIA STONEHOUSE -- by Elisabeth Bacon -- All Rights Reserved

Top image is a photograph adapted to card format. The next image is a pencil sketch (also in a card series).


Eaglesbrother said...

I love the top photograph...reminds me of my visit to Amish Country in Pa. when I went there to visit you and move you to N.C.

Sure am glad you made the move to be with me here.


Light and Voices said...

You are an artistic person expressing your passion here in watercolor paintings. Fall colors, patterns, and adding the human element to the scene demonstrates your creative style. Aloneness appears in your Stonehouse painting. Your emphasis on doing the best work that you can really shows up in these two paintings. Have fun doing photography, drawing with pencils, doing a watercolor painting now and again. Keep in mind, not
everyone has been blessed with multifacetted ideas and talents such as you possess.